Mos Mosh AW14

Mos Mosh…ahh Mos Mosh. You are going to hear that name everywhere I promise you and when you hear that name you will be excited every time.

It’s our new jean brand and oh boy have we got a good one for you! Mos Mosh is a danish label and they are amazing at what they do! The jeans are like second skin and are so stretchy and uber comfortable. We want one of every style!

Here’s a few images to make your mouth water..

20175 10350 80031 - Tia Ls Top Harvey Pant Combi Ziggy Cardigan - LookBook1 10334 20098 80027 - Baltic Jeans Nora Placket Lauren Cardigan - LookBook 10339 20156 - Kate Jeans Svea Sweat - LookBook1 10344 20118 - Jaime Pant Gosh Tee - LookBook1 10345 - Rose Black Jeans - LookBook2 20157 30004 80027 - Viva Top Aw #5 Pants Lauren Cardigan - LookBook 20164 10366 - Bronx Tee Lucce Stripe Combi - LookBook


Seeberger Hats AW14/15

For the new season hats and accessories are hitting us big time. They are a necessity for our cold Winter months and our chilly Autumn months so with this new brand we are stocking you will be nice and toasty yet fashionable.

Here’s a little bit about them.

Seeberger have been a byword and have set standards for more than a century. It was established in the 1890′s and the family owned business is already in it’s fourth generation. They aim to offer us all hats which are trendy but practical and of excellent quality.

Here is what you might see in store.

Seeberger Winter 14 Seeberger Winter 14 Seeberger Winter 14 Seeberger Winter 14 Seeberger Winter 14 Seeberger Winter 14 Seeberger Winter 14

These Just In!

Hey guys,

As you know we’ve been getting a lot of deliveries and we have some amazing Autumn/Winter pieces in already from Lily, Nissa and Taifun so far and we are in LOVE! You are definitely in for a treat this Autumn/Winter. Now I know we’re still in Summer mode but well who can deny it..A/W is THE season for fashion. If you haven’t read our AW Trends Report then do it here

Here are just a few pieces that are in. Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to call in because as you know as soon as the size is gone…it’s gone. If you like anything do leave a comment and we will get back to you with sizes available and prices but do like our Facebook page as we post every day. We upload photos of new stock as soon as it comes as well.

Such a beautiful dress and perfect for when you're feeling girly. #lily #dress #fashion #fbloggers #instadaily #instafashion #irishbloggers #style #aw14 #collareddress

Sneak peek at our #newarrivals Different textures are in for the new season. We have @depop now so would love if you checked us out there! Just search for odonnellboutique #fashion #fashionboutique #odonnellboutique #lace #leather #fbloggers #textures #aw14 #awtrends #irishbloggers #instadaily #instafashion

We styled some of the new AW14 pieces on our model and we would love to know what you think of them!

IMG_8049 IMG_8025 IMG_8030 IMG_8032 IMG_8035 IMG_8044

Almost Famous AW14/15

Almost Famous have spoilt us with luxurious colours and fabrics. Their colour palette for this season just reminds us of the forest and little red riding hood going about her way in the forest.

Here’s a little info on what their AW14/15 collection is about.

“The AW14 collection by London based fashion brand Almost Famous combines a mixture of sleek
and flattering silhouettes with an enchanted but mellow colour palette mixing berry tones, plum,
lime and kohl black. Presented in luxury fabrics and prints including silk, leather and tweed which
capture the collections sophisticated yet playful feel. The AW14 range boasts a full ready-to-wear
collection, including accessories.”

“As always prints are a key staple in the Almost Famous collection. There are three leading prints
within the AW14 range; the Picasso print (a delicate print with paint brush details), the Digital
Meadow print (a range of blurred winter florals) and the Distorted Orchid print (a standout print).
All prints are designed in-house and exclusive to Almost Famous.

Whatever the occasion this season, be it casual or formal, Almost Famous has the perfect piece
for you. The feminine styling combined with bright colourful prints make the AW14 collection a
must-have for your winter wardrobe.”

We truly are in LOVE with what we have in store for you all. Here is some of what you can see in store. Don’t forget to pop in or shop online if you can’t make it in. Or you can call us on 061 415932.

140529_AF_shot13_1374 140529_AF_shot1_316 140529_AF_shot2_412 140529_AF_shot3_482_4 140529_AF_shot7_916 140529_AF_shot9_1169_r2 140529_AF_shot11_1264


Lily AW14/15

Hey guys,

So another brand that we stock and adore is Lily. They are a French brand. They are young and trendy but also anyone of any age can wear their clothes. I, and I know the girls in the shop also feel this way, LOVE their items. They’re fresh, so stylish and unique.

We of course only stock one size 8, 10 etc of each style so if you do like something you should definitely get it because it will most likely be gone.

For this Autumn/Winter Lily have definitely spoiled us. The bright colours, prints and their fabrics are everything girly that Autumn/Winter could be. We are so glad that AW this year is bright and wonderful but as you probably know if you read our AW Trend Report that you can still expect the velvets, dark colours and lace. Lets face it that does define AW but it is still nice to see the bright pastels as well as the citrus colours and Lily have brought us all of that and more.

Here is their lookbook and enjoy! We hope to see you in the store soon!

220A6519ok 220A6570ok 220A6681ok (1) 220A3578ok 220A3816ok 220A4095ok 220A4142ok 220A4412ok 220A4504ok 220A4542ok 220A4959ok 220A5327ok 220A5587ok 220A5739ok 220A6089ok 220A6135ok 220A6196ok 220A6503ok


Fee G AW14/15

Fee G have come back this Autumn/Winter with stunning colours as well as stunning styles. It’s all going back to the 50′s/60′s with Fee G.


DSC_3392 2_ret1-agataSTOINSKA DSC_3717_ret1-agataSTOINSKA DSC_3284_ret1-agataSTOINSKA DSC_2977_ret2-agataSTOINSKA DSC00681


photos c/o Fee G

We are in store for a gorgeous FEE G collection and we can’t wait until it arrives! Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Oh! Don’t forget to vote for us for Best Boutique in The Irish Times. Voting closes on the 9th of August. Just click here :) We’d love to win and we would appreciate it!


Nicole Richie | Style Crush

Nicole Richie has such effortless style and we love her for doing whatever she wants to do yet remaining herself. We loved when she dyed her hair blue and ok…we were a bit jealous that she can pull it off so well.

But anyways no matter what she wears she always looks chic. Be it in a tshirt and jeans or a stunning nude coloured dress. She is a fashion queen!

all images taken from

What do you think?


Vote For Us…We’d Love You Long Time!

Hi everyone…

best shops vote for us

Guess what?! We got a call from The Irish Times to let us know that we have been nominated for Best Boutique and we would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could vote for us!

All you have to do is go onto The Irish Times website here 

You then type in the name of the shop: O’Donnell Boutique, the category: Best Boutique and why you think we deserve the award.

We would appreciate it so much if you took 5 mins out of your day to vote for us…it would mean the world to us if we won. The deadline for voting is the 16th of August so don’t forget to vote for us!

Also I have to share the giveaway we have been running on our Facebook Page which you might not have seen but it’s a good one!

competition time for fb

You can win an evening of styling with us…it’ll be perfect if you want to get something for an event or occasion you might be attending or..if you just want to choose a new outfit for yourself. Sure we all deserve a little pampering and a treat. Just go here and good luck!



Summer Food Lovin’ with Gary O’Hanlon

IMG_5223- Gary

Gary O Hanlon here from VM @ Viewmount House. I’m delighted to bring you the first in a regular series of recipes & Blog posts for O Donnell Boutique. When Elaine first mentioned it to me about doing a wee Blog for her fabulous Boutique I must admit I got nervous. I wasn’t sure how to approach it but in reality there are many parallels between the culinary & fashion worlds.

Presentation of food is all about colour as well as texture.

We are all visual eaters and the first thing that hits you when presented with a plate of food is whether it has that wow factor.

The same goes for a killer outfit.

A designer will need colours, patterns and various fabrics to create the perfect piece so the similarities are there. I can only speak as a Chef but I get ideas for my dishes from all sorts of places. Posters, album covers, tins, the colour scheme on a dress or shirt, so who’s to say a fashion designer doesn’t have the same varied inspirational methods. Maybe they see a plate of food that sparks something inside.

The dish I’ve gone for to kick things off is one that I’ve been cooking for years. This is the ideal weekend breakfast dish to change things up or one to rock out whilst on holidays. Traditionally there are no potatoes in this dish but I’ve added them in because I feel it adds to the flavor. However, if you’re looking to avoid carbs fear not, leaving out the potatoes will just give you a more authentic South American Huevos Rancheroes as the traditional recipe doesn’t call for potatoes, they are just my wee Irish twist. That & the fact I’m a greedy Chef!! The large pan I’ve used in this dish is actually a Paella Pan I picked up for next to nothing one day whilst browsing TK Max. You can simply use a large plate or two or a large platter. I do the cooking in one or two smaller pans anyhow so the serving dish can be whatever you have around the house.

Simply drop it into the middle of the table & let everyone help themselves. I’ve learnt through the years that the American Family style of serving things in bowls & letting people pass them around the table does two things, 1) makes the chef/cooks life easier & 2) creates much more conversation around the table & makes for a better atmosphere around the table.

Huevos Rancheros-Gary

It doesn’t have to be breakfast by the way. Get rid of the men/children in your life for a few hours, squeeze a few oranges, grab some Champagne flutes and add 1 part orange juice to three parts champagne or sparkling wine and you’ve just added some classic Mimosas to the mix also.

For future recipes & Blog posts keep a regular eye on or pop into O’Donnell Boutique where you can grab a copy of my recipes after you’ve pick out a killer outfit.

Happy Cooking

Chef Gary

 Gary’s Huevos Rancheros Recipe



 6 eggs

6 10”flour tortillas

100g sliced jalapenos

1 red chilli

3 scallions

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

2 medium white onions

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

12 baby potatoes, cooked and cut into quarters

2 chorizo sausages

half a bunch of coriander finely chopped

2 tsp paprika


 Slice and sauté the chorizo

When almost cooked add the onion, jalapenos, sliced chilli and peppers

Now add the cooked potato, paprika, season and continue to sauté.

In a large non stick pan add the flour tortilla one by one and heat for approximately 15 seconds on each side.

Repeat for the remaining tortillas.

Add the tomatoes to the potato and chorizo mix and taste. Adjust seasoning.

Add the flour tortilla to the base of a very large oven proof dish.

Spoon on the potato and chorizo mix.

Now crack the eggs onto the mix leaving a space between each one.

Place in a pre- heated oven until the eggs cook.

Sprinkle with fresh coriander and scallions and serve family style.

Paris Fashion Week | Couture

Ah Paris…how we love you and your Couture fashion week. There’s no denying that Paris is one of the best cities for Fashion and they have amazing designers showcasing their talents. Now that the Couture fashion week in Paris is long and gone why don’t we take a look at our favourites.

If only we had the money to buy it all!

Christian Dior

Zuhair Murad

Viktor & Rolf


Jean Paul Gautier

Elie Saab

Giorgio Armani