Summer Food Lovin’ with Gary O’Hanlon

IMG_5223- Gary

Gary O Hanlon here from VM @ Viewmount House. I’m delighted to bring you the first in a regular series of recipes & Blog posts for O Donnell Boutique. When Elaine first mentioned it to me about doing a wee Blog for her fabulous Boutique I must admit I got nervous. I wasn’t sure how to approach it but in reality there are many parallels between the culinary & fashion worlds.

Presentation of food is all about colour as well as texture.

We are all visual eaters and the first thing that hits you when presented with a plate of food is whether it has that wow factor.

The same goes for a killer outfit.

A designer will need colours, patterns and various fabrics to create the perfect piece so the similarities are there. I can only speak as a Chef but I get ideas for my dishes from all sorts of places. Posters, album covers, tins, the colour scheme on a dress or shirt, so who’s to say a fashion designer doesn’t have the same varied inspirational methods. Maybe they see a plate of food that sparks something inside.

The dish I’ve gone for to kick things off is one that I’ve been cooking for years. This is the ideal weekend breakfast dish to change things up or one to rock out whilst on holidays. Traditionally there are no potatoes in this dish but I’ve added them in because I feel it adds to the flavor. However, if you’re looking to avoid carbs fear not, leaving out the potatoes will just give you a more authentic South American Huevos Rancheroes as the traditional recipe doesn’t call for potatoes, they are just my wee Irish twist. That & the fact I’m a greedy Chef!! The large pan I’ve used in this dish is actually a Paella Pan I picked up for next to nothing one day whilst browsing TK Max. You can simply use a large plate or two or a large platter. I do the cooking in one or two smaller pans anyhow so the serving dish can be whatever you have around the house.

Simply drop it into the middle of the table & let everyone help themselves. I’ve learnt through the years that the American Family style of serving things in bowls & letting people pass them around the table does two things, 1) makes the chef/cooks life easier & 2) creates much more conversation around the table & makes for a better atmosphere around the table.

Huevos Rancheros-Gary

It doesn’t have to be breakfast by the way. Get rid of the men/children in your life for a few hours, squeeze a few oranges, grab some Champagne flutes and add 1 part orange juice to three parts champagne or sparkling wine and you’ve just added some classic Mimosas to the mix also.

For future recipes & Blog posts keep a regular eye on or pop into O’Donnell Boutique where you can grab a copy of my recipes after you’ve pick out a killer outfit.

Happy Cooking

Chef Gary

 Gary’s Huevos Rancheros Recipe



 6 eggs

6 10”flour tortillas

100g sliced jalapenos

1 red chilli

3 scallions

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

2 medium white onions

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

12 baby potatoes, cooked and cut into quarters

2 chorizo sausages

half a bunch of coriander finely chopped

2 tsp paprika


 Slice and sauté the chorizo

When almost cooked add the onion, jalapenos, sliced chilli and peppers

Now add the cooked potato, paprika, season and continue to sauté.

In a large non stick pan add the flour tortilla one by one and heat for approximately 15 seconds on each side.

Repeat for the remaining tortillas.

Add the tomatoes to the potato and chorizo mix and taste. Adjust seasoning.

Add the flour tortilla to the base of a very large oven proof dish.

Spoon on the potato and chorizo mix.

Now crack the eggs onto the mix leaving a space between each one.

Place in a pre- heated oven until the eggs cook.

Sprinkle with fresh coriander and scallions and serve family style.

Paris Fashion Week | Couture

Ah Paris…how we love you and your Couture fashion week. There’s no denying that Paris is one of the best cities for Fashion and they have amazing designers showcasing their talents. Now that the Couture fashion week in Paris is long and gone why don’t we take a look at our favourites.

If only we had the money to buy it all!

Christian Dior

Zuhair Murad

Viktor & Rolf


Jean Paul Gautier

Elie Saab

Giorgio Armani


Marc Aurel AW14

logo-schwarz-rgbPrints, Knits and all around casual chicness is what Marc Aurel’s AW14/15 Collection is all about.

You will be spoiled this coming season and we can’t wait for you to see the new items when they arrive.

If you didn’t know what Marc Aurel, as a brand was about, then here is a little information for you.

Marc Aurel stands for the fashion understanding of today’s woman. Clear lines and attention to detail which is always inspired by international trends. Stylish and always something to excite your fashion taste buds! These four aspects of fashion are always important in their eyes: design, quality, fit and workmanship.

Every material, every stitch and every detail reflects their passion for subtle glamour and individual creativity. This is how the whole team work, feel and think.

ma_1_lausanne_web ma_arosa_02_web ma_geneve_web ma_kitzbuehel_web ma_bergamo_web ma_st.moritz_web ma44_zermatt ma_venezia_web ma_arosa_01_web


Chamonix AW 14-15

Furs..furs and more furs…

Chamonix new aw14 collection just oozes luxury and style. The good thing is, is that they are faux fur so you can still have chic furs without any poor animal dying because of it.

B783 - B782 (2) chamonix11 B744 rose chamonix3 B712 (2) chamonix10 B713 chamonix9 B740chamonix6 B703 honey chamonix2 B746 fox chamonix4


As you can see for yourself there is just luxury oozing out of each piece. Also another plus is you’ll definitely be warm. You can wear this with any dress you might have and just make it even more glamorous than it is with any piece from the Chamonix AW14 collection. We can’t wait till these come into the store!

Let me know what you think.


Sinead’s Curvy Style and Fashion Guest Blogs

Hi Guys

I am Sinead O Brien, from Sinead’s Curvy Style and Fashion.
Frist of all I would like to thank O Donnell’s boutique for asking me to guest blog on their fabulous blog in which I am a dedicated follower.
I am a size 16/18 and as a curvy model I’m always on the look out for some amazing looks for different events.

Recently I attended a friends wedding and I was finding it extremely difficult to find a nice outfit. As a plus size girl, its not always easy to find an outfit that’s not only in trend but fits you well and something you are comfortable with.
I was so happy when I found my Diva dress from O Donnell’s, I was firstly drawn to the color, however I wasn’t sure that a blonde girl could pull off bright yellow. I decided the color was enough in itself and the best way to pull it off would be to go for a low key up style, I opted for a glamorous low pony tail with Catherine Hickeys hair salon and topped it off with a fabulous headpiece from No 15 La Maison De Curio.
My make look on the day was a smokey eye with a dusty pink lip, by Mels Mobile Makeup

I accessorized the dress again from “No 15″ with a gorgeous magazine print clutch bag, the bag has a patent finish and is very stylish. I could of easily have chosen a clutch to match the color of my headpiece, but theres nothing worse then being too matchy match as they say :) the headpiece picked up on the different colors in the clutch and really did make the outfit pop.
I went for a beautiful set of emerald green earrings that were my favorite finishing touch to the overall look.
Nude shoes are always best when your wearing a lot of color, the dress did the talking so i really didnt want too much going on with footwear.

o donnells blog O Donnells Boutique Outfit post

Earings clutch

Getting back to the dress, I took it in a size 16. The material is very generous in size and has a really nice stretch in the fabric. It comes in a range of colors and styles, and is at a great price of €138.
For my underwear I wore spanx from Tempted boutique in Dublin, they are a plus size shop and have amazing shape wear, they pull you in at all the right places and are well worth €45. You can visit their website at


I can’t wait to get another wear out of this fabulous dress, maybe for another wedding or perhaps a day at the races. If i was to wear it again, i would change it up a bit by wearing a different headpiece. O Donnells have a stunning fuscia pink feathered headpiece available in store, this would look amazing against the yellow.

photo 1 photo 2

Thanks again to O Donnells for this stunning look and I look forward to shopping there again soon. Style at your doorstep in Limerick at a fantastic price, you cannot go wrong, especially for the fuller figured gals out there :)
If you would like to keep up to date with my curvy page feel free to head over to Facebook and become a curvy follower,

Sinead xxxx

Style Crush | Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is super chic, and a style icon. We are in love with her designs also and we couldn’t not share our love for her style with you. She has come a long way from her Spice Girls days but yet even then she still had that chicness about her. We applaud her for continuously wearing heels when sometimes she really should have just worn comfy shoes. But hey that’s fashion and when we women are dedicated..we are dedicated!

some images taken from and


We have a few dresses which I am sure she would love and since she does like wearing colours every now and then we think these dresses will be perfect for her and the best thing is you can buy them online (here) if you can’t get to our store in 11 Catherine Street. Don’t forget we offer free shipping within Ireland as well.



Let us know what you think? Is Victoria Beckham your style crush as well?


Style Crush-Olivia Polermo

We are in LOVE with Olivia Polermo’s style and I just couldn’t help myself writing about it to be honest. Every time we see her in a magazine or on someone’s Facebook page we just can’t help but admire her style. She is always looking chic.

Here are a few of the outfits that we just loved on her!


We actually have a gorgeous dress which could be worn off the shoulder and that dress above just reminds us of it. It’s by Isabel de Pedro and it would be great for the weather we’re having and it’s half price!! Get it in store or online at 


Summer BBQ

A/W ’14/’15 TRENDS

I know I know…you are thinking why are you telling us about a/w when we are still in Summer. Well..I wanted to give you a heads up about what to look out for when you’re buying with us and what will be on trend for the next season. It is always good to know as you will be finding a lot of it in stores from July onwards so don’t be scared.

I will give you a few of the key trends for next season, don’t worry I won’t bombard you with all of them…or will I? Mwahaha. No, don’t worry I won’t.

What you will find are Metallics, Pastels (yes they’re around again), Embelishments, Velvet, Brights, Fur (be it real or faux there will be loads and the fuzzier the better) and Dresses you can wear in the day and at night.

Embelishments were everywhere on the catwalk and you can really feel the autumn/winter in the air with them. Some of the designers that used this at full force were Mary Katrantzou, Erdem and Peter Pilotto

embellishments embelishments


Capes/Cloaks and the fairy tale trend is here and we can all become Little Red Riding Hood if we want to with the gorgeous capes and fairy tale inspired pieces that will be out. It seems all the designers have been inspired by all the Disney remakes that have been going on for a bit now.

fairytale capes

Furs, be it fake or real, they’re in and it’s just such a luxurious addition to anyone’s wardrobe. It’ll keep you warm and you will be looking super chic! For this season go fuzzier and fluffier.

fur marques almeidauniverse prints


Velvet, yes velvet always makes a comeback and well we wouldn’t blame the designers for wanting to bring it back year after year. It’s stunning and luxurious.


The dresses for this season are ones which you can wear in the day and night and well it’s brilliant. It’s great to just buy one dress that can be suitable for both times of the day. Especially when you’re in a rush one of the days and can’t go home to change.

day to evening dresses


Pastels are in again and they’re gorgeous winter pastels which makes it almost ethereal looking and it’s nice to feel more feminine even in the darker months.

Also which you might be surprised about…brights are in. Just think of citrus colours. MIU MIU, Dior and Dries Van Noten showed off their brights for A/W season. You’ll definitely need your sunglasses.



Finally..metallics are back again for next season and it really is a great season for them. It, again, adds luxury and we love a bit of luxury here at O’Donnell Boutique.



Are you excited for A/W already? We definitely are excited for the clothes but we hope that our summer will continue for a bit longer. Hope you’re enjoying the sales and let us know what you bought. What treasures did you bring home?


Brand Features

Hey guys,

Hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather we are having so far. In the coming weeks we will be featuring one brand a day of which we will be stocking for A/W14-15.

Yes I know I am already giving hints that it will be Autumn soon but at least you will be able to get a glimpse of what we might be having in store for A/W and you can begin to get excited as we are!

Hope you’ll enjoy this little segment we will have on our blog and hope you’re enjoying your days out where ever you might be and don’t forget our sale is still on! 50% off everything! (apart from our new arrivals and jewelry of course).

sale image

Also don’t forget to check out our online store here




Hey guys,

In case you didn’t know we are having a 50% off sale and it started on Wednesday at 8am. Everything is reduced, apart from the new arrivals of course and this is because we have a few boxes of clothing in the office waiting to come out and greet you. They’re new season and we are excited about them!

There is little left in small sizes but there are plenty in the 16′s and 18′s.

IMG_0610 IMG_0611 IMG_0614 IMG_0612 IMG_0613 IMG_0617 IMG_0616 IMG_0615

We have a few sizes left of each item and some are only there in the one size. Definitely pop down to the store and get some bargains. You know the saying..when the price is right…well the price is right.

Hope you are all having a great weekend and we hope to see you on Monday. We’re open from 9:30am to 5:30pm.