I know I know…you are thinking why are you telling us about a/w when we are still in Summer. Well..I wanted to give you a heads up about what to look out for when you’re buying with us and what will be on trend for the next season. It is always good to know as you will be finding a lot of it in stores from July onwards so don’t be scared.

I will give you a few of the key trends for next season, don’t worry I won’t bombard you with all of them…or will I? Mwahaha. No, don’t worry I won’t.

What you will find are Metallics, Pastels (yes they’re around again), Embelishments, Velvet, Brights, Fur (be it real or faux there will be loads and the fuzzier the better) and Dresses you can wear in the day and at night.

Embelishments were everywhere on the catwalk and you can really feel the autumn/winter in the air with them. Some of the designers that used this at full force were Mary Katrantzou, Erdem and Peter Pilotto

embellishments embelishments


Capes/Cloaks and the fairy tale trend is here and we can all become Little Red Riding Hood if we want to with the gorgeous capes and fairy tale inspired pieces that will be out. It seems all the designers have been inspired by all the Disney remakes that have been going on for a bit now.

fairytale capes

Furs, be it fake or real, they’re in and it’s just such a luxurious addition to anyone’s wardrobe. It’ll keep you warm and you will be looking super chic! For this season go fuzzier and fluffier.

fur marques almeidauniverse prints


Velvet, yes velvet always makes a comeback and well we wouldn’t blame the designers for wanting to bring it back year after year. It’s stunning and luxurious.


The dresses for this season are ones which you can wear in the day and night and well it’s brilliant. It’s great to just buy one dress that can be suitable for both times of the day. Especially when you’re in a rush one of the days and can’t go home to change.

day to evening dresses


Pastels are in again and they’re gorgeous winter pastels which makes it almost ethereal looking and it’s nice to feel more feminine even in the darker months.

Also which you might be surprised about…brights are in. Just think of citrus colours. MIU MIU, Dior and Dries Van Noten showed off their brights for A/W season. You’ll definitely need your sunglasses.



Finally..metallics are back again for next season and it really is a great season for them. It, again, adds luxury and we love a bit of luxury here at O’Donnell Boutique.



Are you excited for A/W already? We definitely are excited for the clothes but we hope that our summer will continue for a bit longer. Hope you’re enjoying the sales and let us know what you bought. What treasures did you bring home?